Omnico 4690

For over 25 years Omnico has been helping major retailers and resort organisations enhance the capability of their IBM/Toshiba 4690 Point of Sale (POS) systems. We understand today’s independent retailers running 4690 solutions need to find new ways to enhance the customer experience and remain competitive in the face of global retailers and an ever-challenging market.


We offer various 4690 Point of Sale solutions to help enhance legacy systems, including the ones listed below. For more solutions and how these can support your business download the brochure and get in touch.

Refund Management

Easily enable online returns in-store, eliminate fraud on receipted returns, and manage non-receipted returns with our Refund Management solution.


Provide a simple solution that allows the retailer to capture the customer email address, and use this to provide personalised engagement.

Mobile apps

Self-scan and self-checkout apps allow customers to scan a product using their mobile device, then skip the till queue by paying automatically through that device.


The Enterprise Data Management tool provides the backbone for a wide range of retail solutions. It allows retailers to collect, aggregate and standardize their data across all of their systems between the data suppliers (the POS) and data consumers (data warehouse, inventory, etc).

Omnico 4690 Retail Solutions brochure

Download the brochure to understand how Omnico can help retailers harness existing and legacy POS infrastructure to deliver the latest digital and mobile customer technologies.