Power customer loyalty and achieve immediate bottom line impact through Omnico’s engagement platform, providing customers with instant accessibility to targeted rewards and discounts.

Plug the Omnico Engagement Engine into any of the transactional mobile touchpoints, or third-party apps, and bring a new level of personalisation to the customer experience.


1 Meal Plans

Create customisable meal plans for pre-purchase, redeemable across any POS device, mobile app or Kiosk

2 Entitlements

Offer time-based entitlements to manage capacity at outlets and restaurants at peak times

3 Reduce Waste

Allows brands to reduce waste by having insight to pre-ordered meals

4 Upsell

Customers will typically spend more when their meals are paid for in advance

5 Loyalty

Drive loyalty by ensuring customers stay on-site by giving incentives to eat, drink and enjoy the destination for longer

Omnico Coop Denmark Case Study

Discover how Coop Denmark revolutionised the shopping experience through a self-scan and loyalty mobile app, powered by Omnico.

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