A fully integrated ticketing solution that enables brands to sell tickets, vouchers, group tickets and seasonal passes, as well as integrate with the rest of the software portfolio, from food and beverage POS, to mobile app and self-service kiosks. Ensure a single view of your visitor and their behaviour.


1 Ticketing

Ticketing can link to a mobile app or wearable device allowing easy access across all park services

2 Integrated

Integrate with all park POS to redeem extended tickets such as Entitlements and Meal plans

3 Sell More

Sell via self-service ticketing kiosks, together with food and beverage for a complete package

4 Entitlements

Can redeem customer point or pre-paid meal plans

5 Fast

Fast check-in and entry management

6 Dynamic

Dynamic pricing and capacity management

7 Adaptable

Third party integration with automatic gates, turnstiles, lockers, automated vending and drinking machines and much more

8 Partnerships

Integration with leading online travel agencies and local tour operators

Omnico Mobile POS

Understand how a Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution can benefit your retail and merchandise environment.

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