Omnico streamlines the ordering, purchasing and collecting of food and drink from fixed-point kiosks, delivering simple easy-to-use self-service functionality.

ATV up by 29%

Omnico Kiosk customers have seen increases in average transaction value by 29%.


1 Integrated

Fully integrated into the transactional engine to ensure seamless collation of purchase data

2 Customisable

Fully customisable with tailored branding, service options and payment gateways

3 Increase sales

Deliver advertisements in-Kiosk to up-sell and cross-sell

4 Partnership

We partner with multiple Kiosk manufacturers depending on requirements

5 Behavioural analytics

Access behavioural analytics to ensure a personalised marketing experience

6 Functionality

Easily update product images and descriptions

7 Multi-pay

Accepts Android Pay, Apple Pay, Chip and Pin, mag stripe and NFC contactless

Omnico Kiosk Catering Whitepaper

Discover why food service companies and quick service restaurants need kiosks.

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Omnico Kiosk Whitepaper

Providing theme park destination resorts and casino operators with insight into how correctly positioned kiosks can increase revenues and visit frequency.

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