Give staff the power to engage with customers directly at the table, offering a quick and easy transaction. With our pay at table solution you can improve the customer’s experience while providing useful functionality such as bill splitting and electronic receipts.


1 App Based

An operator-facing app that replaces heavy, clunky existing handhelds

2 Personalised

Scan a QR code, ticket, or search by customer name to ensure a personalised experience

3 Loyalty

Can ensure loyalty points are added to a customers’ stored information

4 Connectivity

Connected via Bluetooth to fixed-point payment device

5 Adaptable Receipts

Connected via Bluetooth to printer for paper receipts, or can send e-receipts

6 Functionality

Includes ‘split bill’ functionality

7 Entitlements

Can redeem customer points or pre-paid meal plans

Omnico Mobile POS

Understand how a Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution can benefit your retail and merchandise environment.

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