Omnico’s point-of-sale software enables transactions across all touchpoints, such as mobile app, tablet till-point, fixed-point tills, etc. Our POS Solution underpins our engagement platform and broader product offering.

This collection of solutions forms the transaction engine of Omnico’s platform, enabling customers to purchase food & beverage, retail merchandise, tickets and grocery items, from anywhere. Combined with other Omnico products, or third-party apps, and the Omnico engagement engine, this creates a powerful, personalised and interconnected customer experience.


1 Integrated

Supports all payment platforms

2 Fast

Hosted on any device or browser

3 Accessibility

Cloud-based so information is accessible anywhere

4 Automated e-receipts

Provide digital receipts direct to the customers device or via email

5 Queue Reduction

Mobile capability to reduce queues at fixed tills

Upgrade Your POS And Optimise Your Park

Helping to guide operators through the considerations required when upgrading POS and customer engagement systems.

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Omnico Mobile POS

Understand how a Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution can benefit your retail and merchandise environment.

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